Living in Astoria

Astoria brings a new look to modern homes in Sri Lanka, with luxury apartments in Colombo that make you feel truly at home. From facilities that meet your every need to a location that puts you right in the middle of Colombo, living in Astoria is a decision you wish you’d made sooner.

In addition to making a home out of a beautiful luxury apartment in Colombo, living in Astoria also means that you get a part of Colombo real estate. So if you have been looking for investment opportunities in Sri Lanka, Astoria Colombo is where you should be looking.

Situated in the heart of Sri Lanka’s capital city

Unmatched convenience

Astoria is located in close proximity to leading schools, banks and hospitals, popular hotels and supermarkets, and its location makes it an attractive investment opportunity for you.

Modern living extends beyond the walls of Astoria’s luxury apartments and creates a world of comforts for you. With an exclusive 1000sqm luxury club, 2000sqm commercial modes of famous brands, swimming pools and private gardens, Astoria enables you to do anything your heart desire form eating, drinking, entertaining and shopping at one stop.

While putting you in the middle of the cosmopolitan city, Sri Lanka, Astoria also removes you from the hustle and bustle of Colombo, giving you the peace, quiet and privacy you need.

Each inch of your living space is taken care of, and utmost satisfaction is guaranteed as well.
Bringing you the best of the best

Stylish living

Living in Astoria opens your world to stylish living, with the very best in respect to every aspect. From the magnificent superstructure to its fine decor, Astoria keeps standardizing each detail. This is what takes modern living to another level.

Astoria ensures world-class living with carefully picked designs and brands for the floor to the ceiling of each apartment. This includes walls, bathroom and kitchen equipment, air-conditioning and everything else you look for in a luxury apartment, Sri Lanka.

Globally renowned brands ensure perfect living for those who choose a dwelling that transcends their mundane lifestyle to extraordinary heights – which is what Astoria is posed to offer and meant for.

Luxurious living space complement by a host of leisure amenities

Epitome of stylish living

Astoria ensures that your home extends beyond the walls of your luxury apartment, so you truly enjoy the world of modern living that has taken over the cosmopolitan city of Sri Lanka. This adds to the value of your investment in Sri Lanka, while creating a safe world for you and your family.

Besides a range of luxury apartments to choose from, Astoria also provides you with

Children's play area - Let your children make memories of a childhood well spent at Astoria’s children’s play area, which provides
both a good time and safety
Swimming pool - Don’t let the heat of the city or stress of a busy schedule get to you. Living in Astoria means relaxation and comforts, and an open-air swimming pool only adds to this
Gymnasium - At Astoria, we value fitness and health
Jogging and cycling track – Whether you want to go for a quick run or get your exercise through cycling, you don’t need to go far from home when living in Astoria
Mini golf simulator and squash court – Play your favourite sports from the comforts of your house
Yoga – Practice yoga for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing