Invest in Astoria

Each inch of your living space is taken care of, and utmost satisfaction is guaranteed as well.
Yields great returns

A prudent investment

Investing in Astoria is an investment in Sri Lanka. And there is no better way to get in on Colombo real estate than by investing in Astoria.

Astoria Colombo isn’t just luxury apartments in Sri Lanka, but opens up investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. Astoria Colombo, with its luxury apartments, sets a benchmark; a world-class apartment with a total starting price of USD 390,000. With an investment return rate of 6% and an annual capital growth rate of 7%, it is a rare opportunity and a freehold property in the Central Business District of Colombo.

Why Astoria?

An investment isn’t about the rupees and cents alone. Especially when it comes to Sri Lanka property investments, you need to look for luxury and elegance. Astoria Colombo stands out in this respect. It is an investment you can be proud of.
In-apartment facilities range from living and dining rooms that will take your breath away to bedrooms and bathrooms designed to offer you maximum comforts and luxury. Astoria Colombo raises the bar for modern homes in Sri Lanka with its kitchen designed to perfection.
Astoria Colombo is where you realize the true meaning of luxury apartments in Sri Lanka. Its facilities and designing will definitely win you over.
However, Astoria Colombo doesn’t stop there. While it recognizes the importance of appearance, it also takes into consideration occupants’ safety, one of the most important aspects of apartments and houses in current times. With 24 hour CCTV with face recognition, fire detectors and alarms, emergency power and light system and ACS system, Astoria Sri Lanka ensures that your life at Astoria is free of fears and worries.
With its spacious and perfectly designed apartments, investing in Astoria needs no further reasoning. It’s an investment opportunity in Sri Lanka that you don’t want to miss. And what more could you want in life than a luxury apartment in the heart of Colombo that opens your doors to the opportunities and comforts that the cosmopolitan city of Sri Lanka has to offer you?
Astoria shows the world how dreams are made and by investing in Astoria, you can be part of this. However, as with most things, the early bird benefits greatly here too. To reap the benefits of your investment, it is essential to grab opportunities ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute and risk missing such great investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. Invest today, and invest in Astoria.